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May 24, 2016
Fraser Valley Agricultural Pest (activities, gaps & priorities) Assessment -Request for Proposals

As average annual temperatures increase, particularly winter temperatures, the range and prevalence of pests and pathogens is anticipated to shift. These changes may result in an increase in the quantity and distribution of agriculturally significant pests already within the Fraser Valley region. Perhaps even more concerning, is the potential for new insects, diseases, weeds and invasive species to be introduced and become established.    

In contemplating the need to adapt to changing pest threats, producers who contribute to development of the  Fraser Valley Adaptation Strategies (completed in 2015) indicated there would be value in a broader and more coordinated effort to address surveillance, monitoring and management challenges. However, prior to developing any new resources or tools, it is important to review and document recent and current activities across the sector (for crops and livestock) and the region.

This project will complete a cross-commodity inventory and assessment identifying activities underway, gaps and priorities pertaining to surveillance, monitoring and management. 

In partnership with the Lower Mainland Horticulture Improvement Association, and other partners, the Climate Action Initiative is looking for the right individual or team to complete this project, please see the Request for Proposals -Fraser Valley Agricultural Pest Assessment and apply if interested and qualified.

February 16, 2016
Request for Proposals: CVRD Cowichan Livestock Relocation and Management Plan Project

Supporting planning and preparedness to reduce vulnerability to extreme events was one of the priority strategies identified through the Cowichan Adaptation Strategies.To address this priority, the Cowichan Agriculture Extreme Weather Events Preparedness and Mitigation pilot project brought Cowichan producers together to discuss the range of potential preparedness and mitigation actions for extreme events. Of particular concern for many producer participants, was how to manage livestock in the case of an extreme event. 

The Cowichan Valley Regional District, the BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative, and other partners are working together on a new climate adaptation project in the Cowichan Valley, the Livestock Relocation and Management Plan project.

This pilot project will develop a regional relocation/management plan (including a separate component for dairy) and will develop and test a template for individual livestock relocation and management plans (which may then be utilized more broadly). Planning will include consideration of transportation and feed requirements during an extreme event, as well as a system to return animals back to the farm after the emergency has been rescinded.

We are looking for the right team to complete this important project, please see the Request for Proposals Cowichan Livestock Relocation and Management and apply if interested and qualified.


January 15, 2016
Cowichan Water Storage & Management 2016 Farm Tour & Panel

photo by Allen Dobb

photo by Allen Dobb

The Climate Action Initiative is partnering with the Islands Agriculture Show to host a farm tour and two panel sessions on Water Storage and Management for Cowichan farmers. Read the info below or download the flyer.

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Farm Tour: Developing Water Storage on Your Farm

Need more water on your farm in dry summer months? This tour and panel session will describe what’s involved in creating and using water storage on your farm. It will help you determine whether water storage is a good option for you and if so, how to move from concept to action. The day will begin with a tour of local farm water storage examples, followed by lunch and a panel session of experts to explain the steps involved in undertaking a water storage project. This will include information about design, construction, operation, and maintenance, as well as how to obtain permits and licensing (if required).

Full day: $20. Lunch is provided. 
Registration required. Space is limited.
Learn more and register at .

9:30am, Friday, February 12, 2016
Panel Discussion: Water Management on Your Farm

Scientists are predicting last summer’s drought will be more common in coming years. If you’re interested in learning how to manage water on your farm in order to deal with drier conditions, this panel’s for you. This session will highlight local examples of innovative approaches to water management, including water storage options and pilot projects underway on Vancouver Island. Experts will also demonstrate other water management tools that can help optimize the use of water.

Panel: $15. Includes admission to the Islands Agriculture Show. 
Registration required. Space is limited.
Learn more and register at .

About the Islands Agriculture Show

The 2016 Islands Agriculture Show will be held in the Cowichan Valley, BC at Cowichan Exhibition Park. The Islands Agriculture Show is the only agricultural trade show and conference serving the farm and food community on Vancouver Island, Coast and Gulf Islands. Bringing together farmers, rural landowners, farm organizations equipment dealers, service providers and the general public, the Islands Agriculture Show provides a venue for participants to learn, connect and engage.

December 22, 2015
Enhanced Collaboration for Drainage and Ditch Management in the Fraser Valley

A Request for Proposals on a project for Enhanced Collaboration for Drainage and Ditch Management in the Fraser Valley opens today!  The closing date is January 14th, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.  The overall project objectives are to:

  • Assess the current state of agricultural drainage/ditches and evaluate potential impacts of climate change including documentation of current processes, management and infrastructure issues and best practices
  • Document current processes and management and infrastructure issues as well as best practices for agricultural drainage and ditches
  • Strengthen communication and coordination for effective and timely agricultural ditch and drainage management
  • Create an updated resource for producers documenting processes and available resources for drainage and ditch management

All interested and qualified proponents are invited to apply. Draft Drainage&Ditch RFP_Dec22_2015

November 27, 2015
Fraser Valley Water Workshops: Call for Expressions of Interest

A new project stemming from the Fraser Valley Adaptation Strategies will soon be underway in the Fraser Valley.  The BC Agricultural Research and Development Corporation (ARDCorp), will be leading the project, in partnership with the BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative and other partners.  The project aims to provide Fraser Valley producers with:

  • Information regarding the current and future regulatory and water supply contexts in the region
  • Access to expertise regarding existing water management tools and resources
  • Technical information regarding agricultural water management
  • To provide local demonstration/s of successful implementation of best practices and technologies

Please see the call for Expressions of Interest below for more details and application instruction.  All interested and qualified individuals are encouraged to apply by 4:00 p.m. PST on Thursday December 10th, 2015

Fraser Valley Water Workshops: Call for Expressions of Interest