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About Us

Courtesy BC Blueberry Council

courtesy BC Blueberry Counci

Who We Are

The BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative (Initiative) was developed in 2008 by the BC Agriculture Council to enable a proactive and pan-agriculture approach to climate change issues.

The Initiative is supported by the BC Agricultural Research & Development Corporation and the Investment Agriculture Foundation with funding provided by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada and the BC Ministry of Agriculture.

The strategic direction of the Initiative is guided by an advisory committee with representation from the agriculture and food processing sectors and related government agencies including:


  • Poultry & eggs
  • Grains & oilseeds
  • Greenhouse vegetable/floriculture
  • Cattle
  • Dairy
  • Field vegetables
  • Food Processing


  • Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
  • BC Ministry of Agriculture
  • BC Ministry of Environment
  • Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC
Photo by Sandra Tretick, Courtesy Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC

courtesy Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC

What We Do

The BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative (the Initiative) develops tools and resources to enhance the ability of the BC agriculture sector to adapt to climate change.

Between 2008 and 2o12 the Initiative developed and delivered a number projects related to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The BC Agriculture Climate Change Action Plan was released in 2010, followed by the Adaptation Risk & Opportunity Assessment Series – six reports summarizing climate impacts for key commodities across five BC regions.

Since 2013, the Initiative has been providing strategic guidance and program management for BC agriculture’s climate change adaptation programming. Two programs are currently managed by the Climate Action Initiative:

For detailed information about these programs, please click the links above. These programs are supported by funding from Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.