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Fraser Valley – Freshet Flooding and Fraser Valley Agriculture: Evaluating Impacts and Options for Resilience

The potential for spring flooding off the Fraser River caused by a rapid melt of snowpack (freshet) is a seasonal threat for communities and agricultural operations in the floodplain and it is expected that climate change will increase both the magnitude and frequency of large floods on the Fraser River. Evaluating the potential impacts and costs to agriculture associated with freshet flooding, and well as impacts on the broader economy, was identified as a priority in the Fraser Valley Regional Adaptation Strategies.

This project assessed and evaluated: 1) the overall economic value of agricultural production in the Fraser Valley with a focus on the areas at risk of flooding, 2) the potential costs and losses for agriculture and associated businesses under several flood scenarios, and 3) options for mitigating agricultural losses, increasing resilience and speeding recovery in case of a large flood. The results of this study will strengthen the basis for government and industry planning and actions to address agricultural flooding impacts and support recovery. 

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